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Although the Colombian Constitution does not specify the Spanish as official language in all its territory, the native languages (approximately 75 dialects) are also official in their own territories. 2 The official Colombian time, (
Colombia (Listeni /kəˈlʌmbiə/), officially the Republic of Colombia (Spanish: República de Colombia, pronounced ( listen)), is a constitutional republic in northwestern South America.
population of over 46 million people, Colombia has the 29th largest population in the world and the second largest in South America, after Brazil. Colombia has the third largest population of any Spanish-speaking country in the world, after Mexico and Spain.
conocido hoy como Gran Colombia para evitar confusiones con la Colombia actual, con soberanía sobre los territorios de los hasta entonces Virreinato de Nueva Granada, Quito y Capitanía General de Venezuela. El nombre fue propuesto por Simón Bolívar en la Carta de Jamaica.
y República de Colombia oficialmente, sin haber explicitado legalmente su uso.
Los territorios indígenas en Colombia son creados en común acuerdo entre el gobierno y las comunidades indígenas.
Colombia is the third-most populous country in Latin America, after Brazil and Mexico. Thirty cities have a population of 100,000 or more.
Ethnic diversity in Colombia is a result of the intermingling of indigenous peoples, Europeans, and Africans. Today, only about 3% of the people identify themselves as indigenous.
Colombia's history also has been characterized by widespread, violent conflict.
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Colombia's developing economy is based primarily on services, agriculture, and manufacturing, coffee being the principal cash crop. Coca (for the production of cocaine) and opium poppies (for the production of heroin) are grown and trafficked illicitly on a large scale.
minerals, Colombia is the world's largest producer of emeralds and one of South America's largest producers of gold. It is a unitary multiparty republic with two legislative houses; its head of state and government is the president.
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Colombia was one of the three countries that emerged from the collapse of Gran Colombia in 1830 (the others are Ecuador and Venezuela).
The Colombian Government has stepped up efforts to reassert government control throughout the country, and now has a presence in every one of its administrative departments. However, neighboring countries worry about the violence spilling over their borders.
Colombia's most active volcanoes, having erupted in 2009 and 2010 causing major evacuations; it has been deemed a "Decade Volcano" by the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior, worthy of study due to its explosive history and close proximity to human
Colombia is the only country in South America with coastlines on both the North Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Lying to the south of Panama, Colombia controls the land access between Central and South America.
It is really important to understand that Colombia is a country of civil conflict. Although the situation has improved in the years following 2002, there are still many areas of the country that are considered too dangerous for tourism.
Colombia as of 2010, including certain smaller urban centers. Rural areas bordering Venezuela are also to be be avoided. It is not considered appropriate to travel by bus across the country; instead domestic airlines like Avianca are to be preferred.
República de Colombia (Spanish)Republic of Colombia Flag of Colombia Image:Escudodecolombia.
Colombia (IPA: /kəˈlʌmbɪə/) officially the Republic of Colombia (Spanish: República de Colombia ( help· info), IPA: ), is a country located in the northwestern region of South America.
Colombia is recognized to share maritime borders with the Caribbean countries of Jamaica, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and the Central American countries of Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.
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COUNTRY DESCRIPTION: Colombia is a medium-income nation of some 44 million inhabitants. Its geography is very diverse, ranging from tropical coastal areas and rainforests to rugged mountainous terrain. Tourist facilities in Colombia vary in quality and safety, according to price and location.
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Ethnic diversity in Colombia is a result of the intermingling of indigenous peoples, Europeans and Africans. Today, only about 1% of the people can be identified as fully indigenous on the basis of language and customs.
During the pre-Columbian period, the area now known as Colombia was inhabited by indigenous societies situated at different stages of socio-economic development, ranging from hunters and nomadic farmers to the highly structured Chibchas, who are considered to be one of the most developed indigenous groups in South America.
Colombia (FARC) and the Democratic Alliance/M-19 (M-19) that included the release of many imprisoned guerrillas. The National Liberation Army (ELN) rejected the government's cease fire proposal at that time. The M-19 pulled out of the cease-fire when it resumed fighting in 1985.
Colombia, the only risk is wanting to stay Colombia, the only risk is wanting to stay. Video country.
Colombia has 55 protected natural areas that have been classified as national natural parks, fauna and flora sanctuaries, natural reserves, parkways, and unique natural areas.
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Map of ColombiaMap of Colombia President: Juan Manuel Santos (2010) Land area: 401,042 sq mi (1,038,699 sq km); total area: 439,736 sq mi (1,138,910 sq km) Population (2010 est.): 44,205,293 (growth rate: 1.1%); birth rate: 17.
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Colombia is bordered on the northwest by Panama, on the east by Venezuela and Brazil, and on the southwest by Peru and Ecuador. Through the western half of the country, three Andean ranges run north and south.
Colombia, officially the Republic of Colombia, is a country located in the northwestern region of South America.
Colombia is the 26th largest nation in the world and the fourth-largest country in South America (after Brazil, Argentina, and Peru), with an area more than twice that of France.
the Republic of Colombia of 1819 formed by the union of Venezuela, New Granada, and Ecuador. In 1830, when Venezuela and Ecuador separated, the region that remained became a new country: The Republic of New Granada.
Colombia: Who is Gabriel Silva? Commercial Digital Theft Tops Physical Theft for First Time Colombia Bookmark and ShareNews Overview The fifth largest US trading partner and the largest recipient of US aid in the Western Hemisphere, Colombia has a
Just north of the Equator, Colombia is a beautiful country of varied ecologies, from Pacific beaches, Andean peaks of 18,000 ft, mountain plateaus and valleys, to the jungles of the Caribbean coast and Amazon Basin.
Plan Colombia, begun in 2000 under President Clinton and continued under President Bush, has brought more than $5Billion in US aid to Colombia, mostly but not exclusively to the police and army.
After decades of civil conflict, Colombia is now safe to visit and travelers are discovering what they’ve been missing. The diversity of the country may astonish you. Modern cities with skyscrapers and nightclubs? Check. Gorgeous Caribbean beaches? Check. Jungle walks and Amazon safaris? Check.
essence of Colombia resides in the mountains in the alpine cities of Bogotá, Medellín and Cali, and the smaller cities of the Zona Cafetera. This is the industrial heartland of the country.
Adventure capital of Colombia with all manner of rafting, paragliding, abseiling and rock climbing * 9 Parque Nacional El Cocuy Spectacular mountain zone of glacial lakes, waterfalls
Colombia n (Placename) a republic in NW South America: inhabited by Chibchas and other Indians before Spanish colonization in the 16th century; independence won by Bolívar in 1819; became the Republic of Colombia in 1886; violence and unrest have been endemic since the 1970s.
ColombiaColombia - a republic in northwestern South America with a coastline on the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea; achieved independence from Spain in 1821 under the leadership of Simon Bolivar; Spanish is the official languageRepublic of ColombiaELN, National Liberation Army - a
Colombian intellectuals who were inspired by the Cuban Revolution; responsible for a campaign of mass kidnappings and resistance to the government's efforts to stop the drug trade; "ELN kidnappers target foreign employees of large corporations"FARC, Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarios de Colombia, Revolutionary Armed
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Caribbean and a Pacific coastline, Colombia is bounded on the northwest by Panama, on the northeast by Venezuela, on the south by Ecuador and Peru, and on the southeast by Brazil.
Colombia's chief ocean ports, however, lie on the Caribbean coast to the north: Santa Marta, Cartagena, and Barranquilla. At Mamonal, adjacent to Cartagena, is the terminus of the pipeline from the Barrancabermeja oil fields.
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Four decades of conflict have turned Colombia into one of the world's worst humanitarian hotspots, with millions caught up in the crossfire between leftist rebels, cocaine smugglers and far-right paramilitary militias.
Embassy of Colombia in the U.S. Washington D.C. Foreign Missions in Colombia List of foreign diplomatic missions in Colombia. Colombian Missions Abroad List of Colombia's diplomatic missions.
Colombia y contará con la presencia de una delegación compuesta de 22 personas de Austria, Dinamarca, Finlandia, Alemania, Irlanda, Italia, Portugal, el Reino Unido y los Estados Unidos.
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“discoverer” of the New World, Colombia presents a remarkable study in contrasts, in both its geography and its society. The lofty snow-tipped peaks of the country's interior cordilleras tower high above equatorial forests and savannas where surviving Indian groups still follow the lifeways and traditions of their ancestors.
Colombia strongly reflects its history as a colony of Spain. It is often referred to as the most Roman Catholic of the South American countries, and most of its people are proud of the relative purity of their Spanish language.
Colombia is the most populous nation of Spanish-speaking South America. More than one-third of its inhabitants live in the six largest metropolitan areas, of which Bogotá is the largest.
The Republica de Colombia gained independence from Spain July 20, 1810. Colombia's capital is Bogata. The country is located in Northern South America, bordered by the Caribbean Sea, between Panama and Venezuela, and bordered by the North Pacific Ocean, between Ecuador and Panama.
In June, 2009, Colombian Congressmen reported that the country's tobacco industry was offering bribes to lawmakers to stop the passage of an anti-tobacco law.
The Colombian government, which has "spent just $5 million on the campaign," says the "country is ripe for rebranding because the popular perception of Colombia has lagged far behind the improving reality.
Colombia is a very different place to ten years ago; President Uribe's firm hand has produced a relatively safe country contrary to the out-dated stereotypes and tourism is an exponentially growing industry.
States of Colombia", and in 1886 the country adopted its present name: "Republic of Colombia".
economic and social influence in Colombia during this period. These cartels also financed and influenced different illegal armed groups throughout the political spectrum. Some enemies of these allied with the guerrillas and created or influenced paramilitary groups.
Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC) as a formal organization had ceased to function. In the wake of the paramilitary demobilization, emerging criminal groups arose, whose members include some former paramilitaries.
Unity Party or U Party note: Colombia has 5 major political parties, and numerous smaller movements Political pressure groups and leaders: National Liberation Army or ELN; Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia or FARC note: two largest insurgent groups active in Colombia
reforms to Colombia's hydrocarbon sector and the US-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement (CTPA) negotiations attracted record levels of foreign investment. Inequality, underemployment,and narcotrafficking remain significant challenges, and Colombia's infrastructure requires significant updating in order to sustain expansion.
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Delegación de la Unión Europea para Colombia (in Spanish only) Delegation of the European Commission to Colombia. The Delegations of the External Service serve European Union interests throughout the world.