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Bolivariana de Venezuela), is a tropical country on the northern coast of South America. It borders Colombia to the west, Guyana to the east, and Brazil to the south.
^ The "Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela" has been the full official title since the adoption of the new Constitution of 1999, when the state was renamed in honor of Simón Bolívar. ^ The Constitution also recognizes all indigenous languages spoken in the country.
Venezuela is considered a country with extremely high biodiversity, with habitats ranging from the Andes mountains in the west to the Amazon Basin rainforest in the south, via extensive llanos plains and Caribbean coast in the center and the Orinoco
Páez, fraguó dicha inconformidad del departamento de Venezuela con el gobierno de Bogotá. Para aquietar la convulsión, Bolívar gobernó por decreto desde 1828, pero ello no impidió la separación de Venezuela, que se manifestó finalmente en noviembre de 1829.
Venezuela con el Virreinato de Nueva Granada y la Provincia Libre de Guayaquil, a la que luego se uniría la Audiencia de Quito.
Venezuela se considera actualmente un país emergente, con una economía basada primordialmente en la extracción y refinación del petróleo y otros minerales, así como actividades agropecuarias e industriales.
VENEZUELA: Médicos convocaron paro nacional indefinido - EntornoInteligente - ‎hace 35 minutos‎ Para mañana los médicos y hospitales paralizaran sus actividades en todo el territorio nacional, así lo anunció el presidente de la Federación Médica Venezolana, Douglas
Bolivariana de Venezuela), is a country on the northern coast of South America. The country comprises a continental mainland and numerous islands located off the Venezuelan coastline in the Caribbean Sea.
República Bolivariana de VenezuelaBolivarian Republic of Venezuela Flag of Venezuela Coat of arms of Venezuela Flag Coat of arms ' Motto: 'Dios y Federacion (Spanish) God and Federation Anthem:
There was a Venezuelan Boundary Crisis in 1985. Today, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is known widely for its petroleum industry, the environmental diversity of its territory, and its natural features.
Ties between Venezuela and Colombia are at a low point.
Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez has taken over from Fidel Castro the mantle of Latin America's leading opponent of the United States, which remains the largest customer for Venezuela's oil. Mr.
Venezuelan oil exports to China, the Chinese launching of a satellite for Venezuela and the sale of Chinese military aircraft to Venezuela.
COUNTRY DESCRIPTION: Venezuela is a medium income country whose economy is dominated by a substantial oil industry. The political climate in Venezuela is highly polarized and volatile.
description of Venezuela, please read the Department of State Background Notes on Venezuela.
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In commemoration of Venezuela’s 200 years of independence, on Tuesday, July 5 the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Washington, D.C.
It would be the first Venezuelan to reach 2,000 Innings in the Majors According to information by AP, if the Venezuelan baseball player Freddy Garcia throws at least 5.
Venezuela in Washington, D.C.
Venezuela in images - Comics in Context: A Sample of Political Cartoons from - Users and vieweres of Aporrea.
Venezuela was a “state sponsor of terrorism”. » read more Venezuela: U.S.
Imperial Powers Jun 27th UN Ratifies Venezuela for Sixth Consecutive Year as a Territory Free of Illicit Drug Cultivation Jun 27th Colombian President Takes Responsibility for 2008 Offensive against FARC Jun 27th more Opinion & Analysis -
CARACAS, Venezuela-No matter what the outcome of the mysterious disease inflicting Hugo Chavez is, it is fair to say that his hold over his followers has weakened. His followers have discovered ...
MIAMI - Former Venezuelan President Carlos Andres Perez's remains are being temporarily placed in a U.S. crypt while a family fight continues over his final burial site.The body was to be ...
Venezuela will appeal to travelers who have already been to the Caribbean or other South American countries and who want to lie on nice beaches, to experience jungle life or go trekking or fishing, and to see Angel Falls.
Venezuela is a country in South America.
Venezuela is home to the world's highest waterfall, Angel Falls and the second longest river in South America, the Orinoco. It also has the longest coastline to the Caribbean sea.
Off the Venezuelan coast are the Caribbean island states of Aruba, the Netherlands Antilles and Trinidad and Tobago. The Angel Falls (Churun Meru) in the Guiana Highlands is the world's highest waterfall and one of Venezuela's major tourist attractions.
independence movement, and, though Venezuelans had declared independence from Spain as early as 1797, it was not assured until the last royalist forces surrendered in 1823. Military dictators generally ruled the country from 1830 until the overthrow of Marcos Pérez Jiménez in 1958.
Venezuela is a federal multiparty republic with a unicameral legislature; its head of state and government is the president. Venezuela has been inhabited by indigenous peoples for millennia.
Venezuela won independence in 1821 in federation with Colombia and Ecuador and broke away to form a separate country in 1830. Caracas is the capital and Maracaibo the largest city. Population: 26,000,000. Venezuelan Ven'e·zue'lan adj. & n.
Venezuela coat of arms.
Venezuela is divided in 23 states, a capital district and 72 federal dependencies. The capital city of Venezuela is Caracas.
Venezuela is located in South America. The country is located to the east of Colombia, south of the Caribbean, west of the Atlantic Ocean and Guayana Esequiba and north of Brazil.
city, capital of Venezuela, and one of the principal cities of South America. It is Venezuela's largest urban agglomeration and the country's primary centre of industry, commerce, education, and culture.
Venezuela administers a number of Caribbean islands and archipelagos, among which are Margarita Island, La Blanquilla, La Tortuga, Los Roques, and Los Monjes.
Venezuela is bounded by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean to the north, Guyana to the east, Brazil to the south, and Colombia to the southwest and west.
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Walid Makled, Venezuela's Pablo Escobar had reached the pinnacle of wealth and power. It was short lived. Read Post | Comments Leopoldo López Venezuelan Democracy Gets Its Day In Court Leopoldo López, 05.25.
Map of VenezuelaMap of Venezuela President: Hugo Chavez (1999) Land area: 340,560 sq mi (882,050 sq km); total area: 352,144 sq mi (912,050 sq km) Population (2010 est.): 27,223,228 (growth rate: 1.5%); birth rate: 20.
Venezuela, a third larger than Texas, occupies most of the northern coast of South America on the Caribbean Sea. It is bordered by Colombia to the west, Guyana to the east, and Brazil to the south.
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Venezuela's colonial past endures in the gorgeous architecture of this coastal town * 2 Mérida State A top area for outdoor adventure in South
Venezuela's world-class island retreat is a blitz of resorts, shopping and natural splendor * 8 Parque Nacional Mochima Drift away in this idyllic
Machu Picchu or Carnaval, Venezuela’s international reputation swirls around oil, the brash political style of President Hugo Chávez and the occasional international beauty pageant winner. However, there is so much more to Venezuela than these typical headlining issues.
Venezuela was one of the three countries that emerged from the collapse of Gran Colombia in 1830 (the others being Colombia and Ecuador).
Venezuela's representation to the United Nations. Embassy of the Republic of Venezuela Embajada de Venezuela en Washington. Diplomatic Missions of Venezuela Address list of Venezuela's Diplomatic Missions Abroad.
: official web sites of Venezuela, addresses of Venezuelan and foreign embassies, domestic airlines, city- and country guides with extensive travel and tourism information on accommodation, tourist attractions, events and more like weather information, maps, statistics and local newspapers from Venezuela.
A former Spanish colony, today Venezuela is known for its petroleum industry, its biodiversity, and its natural features, including Angel Falls.
The "Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela" has been the full official title since the adoption of the new Constitution of 1999, when the state was renamed in honor of Simón Bolívar. Formerly "God and Federation" (Spanish: «Dios y Federación»).
Venezuela, known since 1999 as the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, is a country on the northern coast of South America. Its president, Hugo Chávez, has promoted his socialist "Bolivarian Revolution" as a model for other countries to follow.
An estimated 28 million people lived in Venezuela as of 2009. The population growth rate is 1.6% per year, and roughly 50% of Venezuelans are under the age of 25. According to the 2001 census, almost 90% of the population lives in urban areas.
Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV), Democratic Action or Accion Democratica (AD), Christian Democrats or Comite Organizador Politico por Elecciones Independientes (COPEI), Homeland for All or Patria Para Todos (PPT), Movement to Socialism or Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS), Radical Cause or La Causa Radical, First Justice
Venezuela is proud of its tradition as a melting pot, and the majority of its citizens have a mixed racial heritage of Caucasian, African, and American Indian elements.
beyond the beaches, Venezuela has a wealth of fantastic destinations. A trip to the world's tallest waterfall, Angel Falls, is unmissable. Nor is one to the impressive Andean range in Venezuela's western reaches.
Human habitation of Venezuela could have commenced at least 15,000 years ago, as according to radiocarbon dating, artifacts have been found dating from 13,000 to 7,000 BC.
the name Venezuela ("little Venice" in Spanish) to the Gulf of Venezuela — because of its imagined similarity to the Italian city. Venezuela was first colonized by Spain in 1522 in what is now Cumaná.
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for the indigenous peoples of Venezuela) elections: last held on 26 September 2010 (next to be held in 2015) election results: percent of vote by party - pro-government 48.9%, opposition coalition 47.9%, other 3.
Venezuela was one of three countries that emerged from the collapse of Gran Colombia in 1830 (the others being Ecuador and New Granada, which became Colombia).
Communist Party of Venezuela or PCV ; Democratic Action or AD ; Fatherland for All or PPT ; For Social Democracy or PODEMOS ; Justice First ; Movement Toward Socialism or MAS ; The Radical Cause ; United Socialist Party of Venezuela or PSUV ; Venezuela Project